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*Cost of Membership

Category Fee (£)
SME £674
Non-SME £1998
How do you define SME?

Definition of an SME

A company that is a small or medium sized company, and is not a member of a large group. A company that fulfils the criteria laid down in the European Commission Recommendation 2003/361/EC which is summarised in the table below. In addition to the staff headcount ceiling, a company qualifies as an SME if it meets either the turnover ceiling or the balance sheet ceiling, but not necessarily both.

Definition of a non-SME

A company that is larger than a SME (as stated above), and also includes Groups of Companies, Prime Contractors, Academia, Local Authorities and Consultancies.


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SME Member – £674 + VAT

Non-SME Member – £1,998 + VAT


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