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Boost is Lancashire’s Business Growth Hub. It's purpose is to help Lancashire’s businesses grow. Boost is a £7.8m Growth Hub backed by the ERDF, led by the Lancashire LEP (Local Enterprise Partnership) and Lancashire County Council.

Through Boost, Lancashire businesses from start-ups to large companies can get access to a number of funded programmes in areas such as mentoring, product development, leadership development, and accessing finance.

They can also help businesses navigate the plethora of national business support programmes to find the support they need.

The Growth Hub also has a dedicated private sector network called Boost and Co, which includes some of the region’s best known private sector growth business support providers such as accountants, law firms and banks.

We appreciate that business support is wide ranging and businesses may need much more than the funded growth services available through Boost. That’s why we have created Boost Bespoke. This is a tailored service led by Lancashire’s County Council’s Economic Development team which works with businesses tackle specific matters such as skills, relocation and property.

Founded in 2013, Boost has already helped over 2,400 business grow, creating over 1,200 jobs.

In November 2015, Boost secured £7.8m of new funding to run for a further three years from January 2016. The service is aiming to advise and assist a further 4,118 businesses in the county, creating 2,891 jobs and helping to establish 699 new businesses – increasing the value of the Lancashire economy by £50m.

We believe Lancashire is a brilliant place to do business. And through Boost, business leaders can get access to whatever support they need to turn their growth dreams into reality.

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