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Europena Aviation Maintenance Ltd was set up in April 2007 as a result of the sale of BA Connect to the Flybe Group and began operations in 2007 employing a small team of engineers supporting BA Cityflyer operations out of London City and various other European airports. Also during the period April to June 2007 EAM Ltd entered into discussions with the new owners of the old Manx Airlines hanger at Ronaldsway Airport and agreed a 6 year lease of the facility in which to start base maintenance support to West Air Sweden based in Gothenburg. EAM quickly developed a niche for the BAe ATP aircraft due to the high level of qualified and experienced engineers. In June 2007 EAM employed a further 12 engineers and immediately began specialised training for the team over a period of 12 weeks at St Johns Mill. Also in June 2007 EAM employed a senior administrator to support EAM’s growing and developing business. The business strategy further developed as our customer made a strategic decision to base all maintenance control activity in the Isle of Man and EAM made further additions to its staff between July/September 2007. EAM strategy was clear that it would become the sole base maintenance support unit for 61 operating BAe ATP’s and our core values were established around delivering safety, quality, cost effective product and on time delivery. EAM entered the hangar facility September 07 and immediately began procurement of tooling, test equipment and general aircraft service machinery. By December 07 it was equipped and ready to receive its first customer aircraft for base maintenance SE-LPV. In December 2007/January 08 EAM employed additional technical staff to support its growing base maintenance operations and began line maintenance support to cargo operators in Europe. The line maintenance control has added further customers and the team has now grown to 7 full time engineers supporting 5 cargo airline operators. EAM uses many local businesses to support its operations locally here on the IOM and has grown from 1 employee April 2007 to 32 full time employees and 1 part time employee as of January 2013.

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