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Graeme Bond

Technical Director / CEO
01282 872370

Russell Bailey

General Manager
01282 872370

Graeme Bond

Technical Director
FDM Digital Solutions is a North West based company specialising in additive layer manufacturing (ALM). We offer a full range of 3d printing services from the manufacture of rapid prototypes to full production runs of end user parts.FDM FDM primarily operates in the aerospace, automotive, motorsport, medical and space/defence sectors specialising in flight ready Ultem parts, carbon-fibre forming tools and bespoke jigs and fixtures. FDM also offers full design services, reverse engineering and consultancy services.

Our services we offer include:

1. 3D rapid prototyping / Full Additive Manufacturing.

2. An in house or mobile 3d scanning service

3. Create soluble core structures and high temp tooling for use in complex carbon fibre part manufacture.

Our customers include a range of business sectors including:

The automotive industry
Aerospace and general engineering.

FDM are well positioned to deliver a comprehensive service that can be tailored to a clients specific requirements.

Often clients require a very quick and efficient turnaround to enable their projects to be completed within their deadlines, and therefore reduce time to market and ultimately the cost.

FDM provide a convenient and confidential in house service.

3D printing is the process that uses fuse deposit modelling to enable an object to be created layer by layer replicating a CAD design exactly.

FDM Digital Solutions can take a clients CAD design file and manufacture a prototype or end user part to the exact dimensions of the original file.

Unlike SLA or SLS which use resins, FDM uses real production-grade thermoplastics, which are the same high-performance raw materials used in most injection moulding technologies.

Using these materials we can achieve a higher degree of build accuracy, durability and repeatability.

This technique enables clients to practically explore and realise complex and innovative design ideas that would otherwise be to expensive or even impossible to execute using conventional manufacturing methods.

Key Activities

  • Tooling
  • Consultancy
  • Machining
  • Design & Engineering
  • Composites
  • Manufacturing


  • Europe
  • USA / Canada
  • Asia

Sectors Supplied

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Land systems
  • Medical


  • AS/EN 9100 Rev. B
  • ISO 9001

Customer Approvals

  • Airbus
  • Aircelle (Safran)
  • GKN

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