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Servispart Consulting helps Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), part manufacturers and associated aftermarket service providers to grow and develop their aftermarket parts and service business.

At Servispart Consulting we are obsessive about aftermarket, parts, customer service, servitisation and business growth. We enjoy bringing innovation, ideas, challenge and intelligent thought to a variety of manufacturing sectors that to date have included Automotive, Aerospace, Defence, Marine, Hi-Tech Electronics, Industrial and Consumer Appliances.

We understand that a manufacturer’s relationship with its customers does not end when the equipment is manufactured and sold. The most advanced manufacturers have developed their aftermarket capabilities to the extent that aftermarket is now responsible for 50% to 80% of total profits and some of our consultants have been heavily involved in this manufacturing service transformation journey since 1997.

This “servitisation” of manufacturing is therefore a significant profit opportunity for today’s manufacturing businesses and MRO service providers especially as today’s customers (business operators and individuals) are increasingly favouring service solutions over the more traditional product ownership model.

Whether you need a new capability strategy, business process, computer system, organisation design or a complete business transformation, it is specialist aftermarket knowledge and proven aftermarket solutions that are the critical factors determining how much value is generated for your business and your ultimate success or failure.

If you have an aftermarket challenge that you'd like to better understand and find the best solution to we’d love to hear from you.

Even if we can't help you ourselves, there's a strong chance we'll know someone who can!

Please make your initial call to Adrian Botham on 0333 305 8475.

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