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Jerrod Hartley

Company Owner
Airframe Designs is a UK registered limited company, established in 2005 to provide a stress analysis capability for the aerospace and military vehicle industries.

Evidence of the continual shortage and high demand for experienced stress engineers were the catalysts for the formation of AFD.

The core business of AFD is the delivery of stress analysis and structural substantiation, offering specialist support to EASA Part 21J Design Organisations (DOA’s) to enable the approval of structural design changes to existing commercial and military aircraft or rotorcraft.

AFD has extensive experience in the provision of:
- Industry Standard Static Stress Analysis / Hand Calculation
- MATHCAD Computation
- Provision of Design Support and Sizing Analysis
- Specialist Finite Element Analyses (Using MSC Patran/Nastran)
- Compilation of Detailed Stress / Structural Substantiation Reports
- Compilation of Seat, Monument & Galley Interface Load Reports
- Compilation of Detailed Test Plans and Test Reports
- Test Witnessing
- Structures Compliance Verification (CVE Activity)
- Fatigue and Damage Tolerance Assessment
- Repair Substantiation

Previous projects include:
- LOPA (Layout and Passenger Arrangement) Changes
- VIP Installations on Part 23 and 25 aircraft
- Helicopter Avionic Upgrades & Repairs
- Helicopter Human External Cargo (HEC) Basket & Equipment Design
- Small and Large Antenna Installations (all aircraft types)
- Passenger Seat Static / Dynamic Design, Installation and Certification
- Monument and Galley Design and Installation
- In-flight Entertainment & Avionic Upgrades
- Special Mission Aircraft Installations
- Minor and Major Repairs

AFD has a team of Compiling and Compliance Verification Engineers (Structures Discipline CVE’s) to enable the approval of minor and major modifications, STC’s and repairs for specific DOA’s.

AFD operates on a flexible basis and will adapt to the client’s needs to enable work package definition and delivery to be carried out efficiently.

AFD has implemented an Electronic Quality Management System (EQMS). This system manages data, documents, communication and processes. Both internal and external audits of the EQMS have been successfully achieved to ensure that the system complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

The AFD Head Office is located at the Blackpool Airport Enterprise Zone, providing a convenient location for doing business with all of our clients and partners.

Key Activities

  • Consultancy
  • Design & Engineering
  • Aircraft Systems/Installation
  • Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul
  • Composites
  • Raw Materials/Castings/Forging


  • Europe
  • USA / Canada
  • Asia

Sectors Supplied

  • Aerospace


  • ISO 9001

Customer Approvals

  • Airbus
  • Boeing

Our Partners: