UK Space Conference

There is no better location for international businesses than the UK. We are the number one destination for Foreign and Direct Investment in Europe. UK is home to world-leading innovation, with a strong, vibrant and very successful space sector, supported, by low taxes, a flexible and skilled workforce and strong standards, measurement and IP regimes.

This has helped to create the ideal environment for businesses to flourish. The UK is also a gateway to the EU and its 500m customers and the ideal base from which international investors can grow. UK Trade and Investment are focussed on UK growth by assisting exports (trade) and enabling foreign companies base themselves in the UK (investment).

This interactive session will focus on the UK as a great base for space sector businesses, with experts from government and finance and investors to highlight the support available, international company experience and lessons learnt and the UK technology offer.

Speakers include:

Chair: Elliot Holokauahi Pulham, Chief Executive Officer, Space Foundation UK Space offer and UKSA role - Catherine Mealing- Jones, Director for Growth, UK Space Agency Individual Perspectives of International Company setting up in the UK - Rob Spurrett, ComDev; Slater Voorhees, Lockheed Martin and Jorge Potti, General Manager - Aerospace, GMV UK Trade & Investment offer - Terry Coxall, UK Trade & Investment

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