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What is the NATEP Showcase 2015?

NATEP is a national programme under which aerospace supply chain companies are developing more than 100 new technologies for the UK and global aerospace industry.

NATEP Showcase 2015 will celebrate the success of the companies participating in NATEP and their new technologies. It will provide a forum for aerospace supply chain companies that are working on one of the 100+ NATEP projects to present some of their new ideas to the wider world in a supportive environment that includes potential customers, other NATEP companies and other aerospace industry stakeholders.

In addition to highlighting and showcasing many of the new technology ideas, higher-tier and customer aerospace companies that are supporting NATEP projects will explain why companies ranging from Rolls-Royce, Airbus and AgustaWestland to UTC, Meggitt and Cobham are behind NATEP and are encouraging as many NATEP projects as they can.

But principally, the event will be an opportunity for companies working on NATEP projects to disseminate information about their projects, network and share experience and best practice with other NATEP projects, seek linkages between NATEP projects and present their capabilities to a wide audience of industry engineering experts and potential customers.

Who should attend?

Are you an aerospace prime or tier 1 – based in the UK or anywhere in the world?

At the NATEP Showcase 2015 you will find out how your company can benefit from more than 100 new technologies being developed by the UK aerospace supply chain to reduce aircraft weight, improve safety, cut costs and meet your other objectives, in the following areas and more:

  • New manufacturing processes
  • Finishing
  • Design and modelling software tools
  • Big data
  • Electrical and electronic components
  • UAVs
  • Supply chain management software
  • Ground support/MRO
  • Novel composites
  • Additive layer manufacturing
  • New materials
  • Graphene
  • Interiors and on-board equipment


For an early preview of some of these technologies see www.natep.org.uk.

What else do you need to know?

  • NATEP projects are all middle TRL, taking the new technologies 1-to-3 steps up the TRL scale.
  • These technologies are already attracting the interest of major aerospace players like Airbus, Rolls-Royce, GKN, Bombardier, BAE SYSTEMS and others whose experts are mentoring them. You can be confident NATEP companies are developing exciting and promising solutions to help you address your challenges.
  • Stop press! Find collaborators for your big programmes! Not only do they have new technology ideas and new intellectual property to offer, more than 300 NATEP companies are also learning how to work effectively on R&D projects! These are the companies you have been looking for as collaborators in your big UK or European research programmes.

Are you a company already participating in a NATEP project?

  • If you’re ready, come and introduce your idea or show off your technology by making a presentation or setting up a display table!
  • Come anyway, network, and meet more customers who may be interested in your new ideas.
  • Come and meet fellow NATEP participants who are potential partners for your next projects.

Are you another stakeholder in the aerospace community?

All are warmly welcomed to this first NATEP showcase!

  • Aerospace suppliers may want to see how they too can get their new ideas closer to market by doing an R&D project.
  • Universities and research organisations may be looking for aerospace companies they can work with and help in future – and which are ready and keen to get more help!
  • Government and industry bodies, national and local, may want to learn how the unique NATEP model is an excellent and proven way to help many more small UK companies to innovate.

How to register:

This event is free to attend, thanks to the support of NATEP by the government’s AMSCI fund.  Register through the following link: www.midlandsaerospace.org.uk/events/natep-showcase-2015. (The Midlands Aerospace Alliance is handling all bookings.)


9:00 -10:00 – Arrival / Refreshments / Networking


-          Technology Case Studies from NATEP projects

-          NATEP perspectives from primes/customer companies, aerospace supply chain    companies and regional aerospace bodies

Lunch / networking


-          Technology Case Studies from NATEP projects

-          The contribution of NATEP to future aerospace technology trends

-          Future technology perspectives of an aerospace prime

15:30 -16:30 – Refreshments/networking

In addition, many NATEP project companies will have stands where they can talk to you about what their companies and their new technologies can offer.

NATEP in brief:

NATEP is a £40million programme supported by £23m of Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative funding. The programme runs from October 2013 to March 2017. NATEP supports aerospace supply chain companies to develop innovative technologies, working in collaboration with others and supported by higher tier companies. It is equipping them to win new business with existing companies and to diversify their customer base, including in export markets.   It also injects R&D capabilities that will contribute to a company’s long-term competitiveness and sustainability.

NATEP is managed by the UK’s national aerospace body ADS, working with the regional aerospace alliances: Farnborough Aerospace Consortium, Midlands Aerospace Alliance, Northwest Aerospace Alliance and West of England Aerospace Forum.  Invest Northern Ireland has set up a separately funded NATEP programme for companies in Northern Ireland.

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