Mentor Complimentary Webinars Programme 2016
NatWest have produced a programme of webinars which cover the topics that their customers are frequently looking for advice on. These are issues that impact all businesses, no matter their sector or specialism.

The webinars are aimed at providing you with useful information and some practical advice to help you with everyday employment law, HR and health & safety challenges within your business. This could help reduce the cost, time and stress involved in dealing with these common issues. And what's more, this is all from the comfort of your own desk!

Each webinar will stream live to your PC and will last a maximum of 60 minutes. Register for as many sessions as you like.
Session 4: Working Time and Minimum Wage: The tricky issues

The 9 to 5 workplace is a thing of the past for many employers. Technology increasingly allows remote, peripatetic and home-based working. Customers often require staff to be “on call” or to be available on the premises to deal with emergencies. And cost pressures mean employers must constantly look for more efficient ways of rostering their workforce.

But employers must act within the law and ensure working time limits are not exceeded and the National Minimum Wage or National Living Wage is paid for all appropriate hours to avoid potentially disastrous fines and bad publicity. The following questions will be discussed:

  • How to ensure peripatetic workers don't exceed statutory working time limits
  • For which hours does the National Minimum Wage need to be paid?
  • When is a working time “opt-out” appropriate?
  • Does the National Minimum Wage need to be paid for time between service calls?
  • Do staff on sleep-in duties need to be paid when they are sleeping?
  • How should staff “on call” at home be paid?

(Presenter: Nick Soret, Mentor Employment Law & HR)

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