ISLEXPO is an innovative one-day conference celebrating the enterprising spirit captured by the Isle of Man’s mantra of ‘Where You Can’ and demonstrating opportunities for starting, growing or relocating a business on the Island.

The event will be FREE to attend and include an exciting programme of thought-provoking keynotes, no-nonsense practical support and industry insights. ISLEXPO will inspire budding entrepreneurs to realise their ideas and encourage businesses large and small to achieve their potential. 

Be a part of ISLEXPO and be a part of your business future.

INSPIRE - Attend a fantastic array of keynotes to get those creative juices flowing and that passion for your business back on fire.

INFORM - Learn from the top bods your industry, gain expert advice and network with others just like you to help your business grow and develop in 2016. There will also be Google workshops on offer, helping you make the best of your business online.

INNOVATE - With your new found spark of passion for your profession and your industry, combined with the knowledge and tips you'll receive, it's time to start the ball rolling! Learn more about how to achieve your business goals, create and see your ideas and plans come to life.

To register for ISLEXPO, click here! And, join the conversation on twitter using #islexpo

Price: Free

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