Connect to your customers by roadmapping your technology.

Technology roadmapping is an excellent, well-established and recognised tool for large and small businesses to communicate to current and potential customers the direction they are heading with their business improvement ideas. 

The technology roadmapping tool is currently being used successfully as part of the NATEP programme. Numerous medium, small and micro businesses have benefitted as a result. Technology roadmapping is applicable not only to design/make businesses but also to make-to-print businesses keen to improve their manufacturing and process technologies.

This half-day event, supported by NATEP and hosted by MAA member Lucideon, aims to bring together the aerospace supply chain community with Primes / Tier 1s providing keynote addresses describing their roadmaps and the innovations they expect to see within their own businesses and within their supply chain in the future. Boeing and Rolls-Royce will relay to the audience how they use technology roadmapping, which new technologies they are developing and the importance of their suppliers using roadmapping as a valuable planning and communication tool. There will be presentations from several supply chain companies who have undertaken the roadmapping process, describing the process, the results they have obtained and how using such a simple tool has improved their businesses and their communications with customers.

There will also be a tour of Lucideon's facilities during this event.

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