Course Overview

This course will equip you to identify and reduce waste within your business processes, and to optimize the efficiency of production flow. I aim to enable you to identify the various areas in which waste can lurk, and provide you with an arsenal of specific strategies to crack down on this waste. I will walk you through a variety of practical techniques for waste identification and reduction, including the Japanese 5S Housekeeping method, the Gemba walk, and Kanban systems, as well as the use of visualization tools to conceptualise improvements. I combine the knowledge I have gained from my own experience in manufacturing with interactive hands-on exercises and practical applications as I equip you to make clear and measurable improvements using Lean Manufacturing Techniques, drawing on the philosophy of Dr. W. Edwards Deming.

Course Objectives

  • To understand and identify the different types of waste
  • To discover areas of waste within your own context
  • To use visualisation tools to conceptualise improvements
  • To implement a variety of waste reduction techniques
  • This course can be supplemented with a real-world workshop on your own premises, which facilitates immediate application of the techniques learned.

About Robert Hargreaves

As a professional trainer, consultant, and auditor, I am enthusiastic to share the thirty years of experience I have gained in the manufacturing industry as an engineer and manager. I have worked in aerospace design and analysis within Rolls-Royce plc, manufacturing and production in the automotive supply base, IT project management, quality and environmental management within the special materials sector, and as a freelance auditor of business management systems. I now offer training, auditing, and consultancy through my own company, Berean Examiners.

It would be my privilege to partner with you in delivering professional training courses tailored to your needs. Please contact me by sending an email to robert@berean.co.uk to discuss your requirements.

Price: WEAF Member: £135.00 + VAT / Non Member: £185 + VAT

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