The North West Aerospace Alliance is holding its next NWAA Supply Chain Workshop on Wednesday 14th November 2018 at the Liverpool Exhibition Centre in Liverpool as part of Digital Manufacturing Week (DMW) in conjunction with the Manufacturing Leaders Summit and the Smart Factory Expo. The theme of the NWAA Supply Chain Workshop aligned to the DMW is “Transforming the Aerospace Supply Chain through Digitalisation”. 

NWAA are pleased to announce our first two speakers.

SIEMENS Plc: Gary Caroll,Head of Aerospace - UK & Ireland

AMRC with Boeing: Dr Peter Osborne, Senior Technical Fellow, University of Sheffield's Advanced Manufacturing & Research Centre

Next Speaker Announced:

Geoff Hall | ADMT Technology and Projects Manager (DigitME2) 

Background to the Workshop

Research from the Wall Street Journal has shown that an airline needs 99% of revenues from every flight to break even. To support the need for innovation and continuous improvement to reduce costs, aircraft manufacturers are turning to the digital economy. While new technologies continue to impact individual businesses and operations, linking these through digital transformation is the next big industry challenge, and this is leading the industry closer to the possibility of the 'connected supply chain’.

New technologies are transforming the way that aeroplanes are manufactured. For example, innovative manufacturing techniques such as 3D printing have made significant impact, allowing for more intricate, lighter and precise elements to be manufactured. The next stage of digital transformation will go beyond this, connecting processes across the supply chain.

The latest digital technologies make it possible for companies to comprehensively transform the way that their supply chains operate. At the enterprise level, digital transformation means employing analytics, artificial intelligence, robotics, the Internet of Things, and other advanced technologies to collect and process information automatically to  support decision making. A supply-chain digital transformation is about realising a vision for how industry can improve service, cost, agility, and inventory levels and consistently implement process improvements to drive operational excellence.

NWAA will bring together industry expert speakers listed above to discuss how the aerospace supply chain can develop a vision for how digital applications can transform their businesses.

As usual, we also be holding interactive breakout session which provide all NWAA members with the opportunity to discuss their approaches and how NWAA members can help and support each other. This is a fantastic opportunity for NWAA Members to learn more about this exciting topic and also to take part, along with 6,000 other people, in Digital Manufacturing Week.

If you wish to attend the Manufacturing Leaders' Summit on the 14th or 15th November click here  and quote VIP-NWAA for a complimentary ticket (please note this is for manufacturers only)


Price: Member - £38.50 (plus VAT) and Non-Member - £80 (plus VAT)

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