About the event

This course is designed to train individuals in the important discipline and practice of market research, whether their organisations are:-

  • considering exporting for the first time; or
  • determining a strategy for entry into new overseas markets.

What will the event cover?

  • an insight into the practical benefits of undertaking marketing research;
  • an outline of how delegates can prepare a research project plan which will, in turn, encourage a strategic approach to developing their international business;
  • some 'real knowledge' that delegates can take away and use in their companies - including a model for effective and time-saving desk research using the internet;
  • an introduction to the key concepts which are important when visiting an overseas market to conduct research;
  • some pointers to use in selecting and commissioning external research agencies.

All participants will be provided with a market research project planning guide - five single page 'check-list' exercises which can be used to help you plan a research project. Delegates regularly comment that these will help them greatly when they get back to their office and start to implement the ideas learnt during the workshop.

Price: FOC

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