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Wolfmet will be hosting a live webinar on the 21st May at 3pm (GMT) to expose some of the unknown manufacturing efficiencies that can be built in to components at the design stage.

Steve Wright and Brenton Breukers from Wolfmet will be conducting the 30 minute session, to explain how these savings can be achieved, as well as referencing examples from global companies that use Wolfmet tungsten alloy.

Steve Wright Commercial Manager at Wolfmet comments; “This webinar is a must for anyone responsible for specifying tungsten heavy alloy for use for their designs. Considering how tungsten alloy is prepared in a specialised power to parts (end to end) process can offer immediate short (and long-term) advantages from a cost perspective.

Taking 30 minutes out to discover how this is possible with Wolfmet will have a lasting impact with attendees and change how this heavy alloy is specified in the future. It will also be interesting to discover how additional profitability can be achieved during an incredibly difficult economic period.”

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Webinar times – EMEA:

4pm ECT

5pm EET

Webinar times – North America:

10am EST

9am CST

7am PST

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