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How important is Strategy to your business right now ?

What does business look like to you next year, or the year after ? If you’re not sure of the answers, then short of the pubs reopening, this webinar will be the best thing you do this week.

Whilst no-one has a crystal ball, having a plan and options could make a real difference to both your sustainability and sanity.

Like tiling or painting your house, many of us put Strategy off for a rainy day, whilst some of us go through the motions, resulting in a mixed bag of actions that don’t quite hit the mark and leave managers and employees confused.

In this webinar, SC21 approved supplier, Biskit, will talk you through some basic steps so you can start thinking more strategically.

It’s practical, straight forward and easy to follow. If you’re an MD or General Manager, consider asking some of your team members to join also, as you may want to action straight away.

During the webinar Edward from Biskit will talk about how you can build your team, source the information you need to make decisions, then prioritise and plan.

Once you start the process, you will never want to go back.

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