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NWAA are pleased to announce it will be hosting a live 1 hour webinar in partnership with Upstate South Carolina Alliance with Russ Froneberger, Director and Jacob Hickman, Director of Business Recruitment on Thursday 17th September @13:30.

This webinar will be themed around Doing Business in the U.S. and highlighting the ‘Concepts & Techniques to Help British SMEs More Effectively Enter, Market and Sell Products and Services in the U.S.’

In this webinar Russ Froneberger, Director of Global Consulting will briefly describe business America as a whole and several typical concepts and techniques practiced by most American business persons.

Jacob Hickman, Director of Business Recruitment will use South Carolina as an example for what you can expect in terms of support from US agencies as you explore opportunities to grow your business in America.

Overview of the webinar:

Benefits for Participants

An interactive format enables participants to understand the presented concepts and techniques and to be able to apply them to their style and company real and perceived needs.

The subject matter provides various levels of “American-style” communication and entrepreneurial methods that can be used to increase the effectiveness of selling and marketing products and services.

Participants gain the needed confidence to comfortably and consistently use at least some of the techniques.

Much of the content is designed specifically for British SMEs who generally are unfamiliar with American business customs and practices.

Participants are shown several methods to become more organized and focused on both short- and longer-term objectives.

The ideal audience for what we have on offer:


- interested in exporting to America.

- already exporting to America who would like to establish an American footprint.

- with an American footprint, but want to relocate or be located in more than one location - like the southeast, East Coast patch.

- Economic development agencies and consultants who advise companies on where to locate.

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