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NWAA is pleased to announce it has partnered with member Verlingue UK once again to deliver a webinar on Credit Insurance next Thursday 15th October @ 10:30 to our members. The session will also include a Q&A session with the Verlingue team.

Webinar details;

Umberto Oliva, Director – Trade Credit from members Verlingue UK, will provide a high level insight in to the world of Credit Insurance – what it is, what it does & why you need it – and report on the state of the current Credit insurance market.

This informal session will allow members to understand a commonly confused field which is attracting a greater focus in the current climate. We will also provide a friendly forum to ask any question - no matter how simple/complex!

About Umberto Oliva, Director – Trade Credit

Umberto heads up the Trade Credit Insurance department at Verlingue, and is based in Redhill near London. Umberto has been involved in Trade Credit & Trade Finance for almost 30 years, having previously worked at Aon for 18 years and joining the Verlingue group in 2009. He has extensive experience of managing the credit insurance requirements of businesses in the UK and across the globe. He has excellent market & product knowledge and advises underwriters on how to produce efficient processes for claim assessments.

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