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- HELLER Group and its partners present the virtual world of manufacturing solutions

- A 3D world allowing visitors to walk around freely and providing an opportunity for exchange at the click of the mouse

- Launch of the new-generation HF 5-axis machining centre

Nürtingen, October 2020 – With V-CON 2020, HELLER and its partners will be presenting a new, interactive and international event format from 10 to 12 November, combining all the benefits of a physical trade fair with the possibilities of the digital world. V-CON is targeted towards customers, industry experts and journalists interested in experiencing state-of-the-art manufacturing solutions up close. On www.v-con2020.com, interested visitors are able to register in advance, to enrol for events on the agenda and to make first appointments. The event kicks off on Tuesday, 10 November at 9:00 hours, with a compelling panel discussion about digitisation in manufacturing. In addition to providing a comprehensive insight into the various facets of the manufacturing solutions, the digital trade fair will also see the launch of the new generation of the HF 5-axis machining centre, offering extensive flexibility for applications in a broad spectrum of industries.

Visitors to V-CON will be able to save travel expenses and to make relevant contacts with just a few clicks. You will have access to approx. 200 experts from HELLER and its partners and their know-how, to communicate easily and efficiently through chat or (video) call and to immediately get from the machine to related solutions, including tooling, measuring and testing equipment or automation. Furthermore, the three-dimensional trade-fair world will give you the opportunity to find out how HELLER Services support the customers before and after a purchase.

“The specially developed digital formats are designed to offer visitors genuine added value,” says Marcus Kurringer, Head of HELLER Marketing, when asked about the goal of the event. The TalkPodium, for example, offers visitors a chance to attend moderated live panel discussions in the form of a TV show, providing exciting and informative insights, an opportunity to ask questions and to enter into conversation at the end of the discussion. RoundTables will give visitors an opportunity for an exchange within smaller groups with experience reports from users and experts’ opinions. Additionally, a virtual guided plant tour will take the trade fair visitors on a tour of the HELLER headquarters in Nürtingen where they can experience the depth of manufacturing up close.

Extensive partner network presents itself

HELLER knows all about the significance of synergies. Therefore, the company builds on a strong network to expand and complement its portfolio. In addition to the HELLER Group’s subsidiary companies STS, Wenzler, Paatz and GSN, other partner companies from the automation, tooling and application sector will be presenting themselves at the event. “With V-CON we have developed a format that deliberately stands out from the crowd and goes beyond the conventional webinars we have come to know in this particular year. The three-dimensional world of manufacturing solutions creates an entirely new, virtual experience,” says Marcus Kurringer.

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