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Do you want to apply for Innovation Grant Funding? But don’t know where to start??

Let’s help you by “de-mystifying” the innovation Grant Application process. Yes, writing a grant application can be a lengthy process, time-consuming, and demands a lot of effort and creativity. It isn’t most business owners’ area of expertise so it can be a challenge! It’s important to incorporate all of the vital components that the “assessors” are looking for, this can make the difference between a successful, and an unsuccessful application. Not because it isn’t worthy, it just didn’t “tick the boxes”.

It doesn’t need to be this way.

Join us and hear first-hand from Charlotte Thompson from KTN about innovation grant funding and in particular:

• How to identify and apply for the relevant innovation grant funding that your business needs

• How to approach the application in a structured positive way

• How to differentiate your application from others – make it stand out from the crowd

• What you need to do to increase your business’s chances of a successful application

This session will help you understand:

• How to cut through the red tape by understanding in simple terms what is needed. Charlotte will show you how to interpret and understand what is required, whist cutting through the bureaucracy.

• What can and can’t be funded!

• Understand the process and how to plan accordingly

• Provide clear and practical support, time-saving tips and advice on what makes a good application great

• How to make your application stand out, detailing specific aims and well-defined criteria for success

Whilst aimed at established Lancashire based SME’s looking to raise funding it is open to all North West businesses. To allow for an interactive session, places are limited to 10 businesses. Preference will be given to Lancashire businesses that have been trading for more than one year, turnover in excess of £100,000, and are looking to apply use grant funding for an innovation project.

By the end of the session, you have tools and resources to support you through the application process.

About the host:

This workshop is being delivered by the Charlotte Thompson from KTN. KTN is Innovate UK’s network partner.

Charlotte works with organisations to access public innovation funding and private finance where it can enable their ideas to be commercialised. Charlotte previously worked in a start-up, commercialising water reuse technology for better water quality and access, and managed the UK’s CERN business incubation programme, translating knowledge from CERN’s international partners to early-stage innovative companies.

This is a series of events hosted by the Lancashire Investment Readiness programme. If you are looking to raise Grant funding or equity funding, this is the programme for you. www.investmentreadiness.org


The event and programme are funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and so is only eligible to Lancashire based SME's seeking investment into their business.

Upon receiving your Eventbrite booking request, the team will contact you to confirm eligibility and liaise with you about registering for the programme in advance of attending.

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