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Dormer Pramet’s all-rounder is simply versatile 

Dormer Pramet’s Force AD range provides an ‘all-round’ milling option. The universal 90° cutter features Dormer Pramet’s ‘AD’ program of indexable inserts, including the ADMX07, ADMX11 and ADMX16. All offer improved stability in a wide range of applications, even under unfavourable cutting conditions. 

Combining solid performance with the ability to support multiple materials and heavy machining, the Force AD assortment is an ideal option for numerous operations, including ramping, helical interpolation and plunging.

Dormer Pramet’s Force AD line is suitable for use in a wide variety of materials, including steel, stainless steel, cast iron, titanium and nickel, and in some cases hardened steels, copper and aluminium. 

A durable and versatile milling cutter with a wide range of diameters available, from 10 – 175mm, the assortment provides reliable clamping of the inserts, particularly within the helical range. In addition, its specially grooved body promotes fast and efficient chip removal.  

Both these features combine to give a more accurate cutting process and excellent operating safety with high stability during machining.

Meanwhile, the Force AD line offers a variety of insert styles, with geometries for aluminium and high feed applications recently added to the assortment.

A positive geometry - with a rake angle of 25° - allows for a reduction in cutting forces, offering good productivity, lower machine power consumption and longer tool life.

Its cutting edge shape has been optimised to provide higher impact resistance and smooth machining. This, in turn, promotes a better work piece surface finish.

Compatible with a wide range of cutter bodies, internal coolant supply is supported across the entire range.  

To find out more about Pramet’s Force AD range please visit or contact your local Dormer Pramet sales office. 

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