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Dormer Pramet has added a range of carbide rotary burrs to enhance its support tools program for general machining processes. 

It is the first time that burrs will be available under the Dormer product brand, with a comprehensive assortment of designs and shapes to choose from, including ball nosed cylinder, pointed tree, oval, flame, 60° and 90° countersinks, cones and inverted cones varieties.

The introduction of the burrs is part of a wider product launch by Dormer Pramet on 1 April 2015 – the first combined unveiling since Dormer and Pramet merged last year.

Dormer’s wide selection of burrs provides numerous options to machine a range of materials, including hardened steel, non-ferrous materials and plastics.

 Its combination of carbide head and steel shank (above 6mm) provides an ideal mix of rigidity and strength. This feature reduces vibrations, resulting in a consistent and secure performance, as well as an improved tool life.   

A double cut design on Dormer’s burrs improves ease of control, increases metal removal rate and breaks swarf into manageable pieces.   

Also, the ball end geometry incorporates skip flute grinding which improves cutting action closer to the centre, reducing the chance of swarf congestion and increases strength.

Alternatively, the aluminium cut option makes it the first choice for non-ferrous materials and plastics. The high helix and rake angle offers large flute volume for rapid material removal rates.

Dormer’s burrs are available with TiAlN coating to increase tool life in difficult conditions and help to resist ‘built-up edge,’ which is common for cutting tools with small flute volumes.

For more information about Dormer’s rotary burrs visit or contact your local Dormer Pramet sales office.

Dormer is a product brand within Dormer Pramet. 

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