Hybrid Taps

West Yorkshire based tooling supplier Cutwel have released a new range of Machine Taps which are ideal for the Aerospace industry. Italian premium manufacturer UFS, have optimised the design of the Synchro tap to reduce cycle time and extend tool life on aerospace materials. You can achieve up to 50m/min per minute on Aluminium, 30m/min on Titanium and Ti-Alloys & 25m/min on Stainless and Exotics. This is allowed by the fact that the tap works in unison with the accurate pitch controlling of the modern machine. These are specifically designed for modern machines where the spindle revolution (A-Axis) & feed movement (Z-Axis) are synchronously controlled.

The synchro rigid taps are made from a PM3 Powder Metal HSS substrate which has a vanadium & cobalt content to allow the ultra-high speed tapping, coupled with a TXC Double coating designed for high wear resistance and excellent chip evacuation. For difficult to machine materials the back tapered design improves chip control and reduces the risk of damage to the last threads while the short thread length on the head of the tap reduces friction and low torque requirement. There are through coolant versions available in both axial and radial flows.


Please visit Cutwel.co.uk for further information on the new Synchro Rigid Machine Taps.

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