• 5% increase in aircraft deliveries from Q1 2014
  • £4.5 – £5.2bn is the value of Q1 deliveries to UK industry
  • 12,818 is the level of the current industry backlog
  • There is a 40 per cent increase in the backlog level since the end of March 2012


Figures released today by aerospace trade organisation, ADS show that for the first quarter of 2015, deliveries of commercial aircraft to customers world-wide are up 5 per cent on the same quarter last year.

This represents an increase of £900 million in value to UK industry, up from around £4bn in Q1 last year to nearly £5bn this year.

In just three years, the rate of delivery has increased by around 6 per cent annually, although the current backlog is up by 13 per cent from the end of Q1 2014, equating to more than nine years work-in-hand.    

Paul Everitt, chief executive of aerospace trade organization ADS Group commented:

“We’ve seen a very strong start to 2015 and a clear indication that UK industry is responding to the challenge of delivering a very full order book. It’s clear that the UK’s commitment to Industrial Strategy is working; whether that’s by unlocking the supply chain, encouraging new talent or investing in research and technology.

“We cannot afford to become complacent. The UK continues to face fierce international competition and continued industrial success comes from long-term planning and sustained investment, and there can be no better argument for this than the very clear value we see the aerospace sector delivering for the UK economy.”

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