Cutwel Checks In With YG 1 Korea

In June, following on from trips to visits Mahr and Benz in Germany, Cutwel the UK & Ireland’s leading engineering cutting tool supplier flew further afield to Seoul, South Korea on a visit to one of their other major suppliers YG-1. The trip gave the opportunity for a technical sales engineer and 3 sales staff to go and experience at first-hand how the tooling they supply back home in the UK is manufactured. The main objective however, was to expand their awareness of YG-1’s newest products in order to bring that knowledge back and share it with the rest of the Cutwel team, so that it can be passed on to their valued customers enabling them to make the right choice of tooling for their application.

During the visit, the Cutwel team were delighted to see how committed YG-1 are to developing new products. In the pipeline for release are tools such as modular end mills, INOX combo taps for stainless, an increased range of the popular V7 mills and also 3 flute carbide Dream Drills that can achieve much higher feed rates. A major highlight of the visit was a seminar held by the president and CEO of the company Mr Hokeun Song who focused on how much the aerospace industry is booming at the moment and how YG-1 are investing in developing innovative tooling for this market to tackle the challenges engineers may have when machining aerospace materials.

YG-1 have continually grown over the last 10 years and this growth has contributed to their investment in research, development, staff training and manufacturing centres (YG-1 have just opened a brand new state of the art advanced manufacturing centre in North Carolina, USA). So YG-1 is continuing their expansion internationally.

Cutwel is a major supplier of YG-1 tools, providing products such as Milling Cutters, Drills, Taps plus much more. How much they value Cutwel as a supplier in the UK was demonstrated by YG-1 themselves when they praised them on how much Cutwel has grown in such a short period of time.

It was also a testament to Cutwel’s global recognition as a Major tooling supplier when various international suppliers of YG-1’s tooling approached Cutwel staff members and acknowledged that they all knew who Cutwel are and how highly they rate them as a company.

Much was learnt from the visit to Korea and Cutwel are pleased with what their team members brought back from this trip. To find out more about the visit or other Cutwel news please visit  or call 01924 869 610.

Photo caption: Cutwel Team with their YG-1 Contact in Korea.

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