A new video from factory shop floor management experts Forcam packs powerful insights into the benefits of Industry 4.0. It shows how their pioneering Forcam Force software will help manufacturers achieve shop floor transparency and the ultimate goal of integrated digital manufacturing – the smart factory.

The five minute presentation outlines how Forcam Force can collect data in real-time from diverse machine types using the global MT Connect standard. It then turns this big data into smart data that is actionable by every level from plant managers and operators to top floor management. Highly customisable, the platform is able to seamlessly integrate all existing and new IT eco-systems and also stream data into SAP and other ERP systems.

It shows how all users work simultaneously connected to their virtual shop floor and how the intelligent and intuitive Forcam Force user interface promotes accuracy. Via the Cloud, role-relevant real-time key performance data is presented to users anywhere, anytime on any device and in any language. Allowing for timely decision making to ensure overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) is optimised at all times.

Commenting on the new video, Forcam UK managing director Andrew Steele said, “Companies deploying Forcam Force are already reporting typical productivity increases of 20 percent. Our US colleagues have coined the tag line ‘We Speak Machine’ – and they are right Forcam Force can connect all shop floor plant, including legacy machines, this means we work with real-time data, direct from the machine, processed, interpreted and displayed ready for action. There is no turning back and this video presents the concepts and benefits in an easy to understand way.”

The video is available to view on the company website at http://www.forcam.de/index.php?id=310&L=1 or can be easily found on YouTube searching for FORCAMMES.

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