Every year MSP release a software upgrade of NCPerfectPart, this includes new features and general improvements which all lead to increased productivity for the manufacturer.

Reduced impact of errors

One of the major features in the 2015 release, is the ability to autocorrect common operator errors. The process flow has been improved to minimise opportunities for human error to be introduced. For example, previously if the operator completed a process in the incorrect order, an error message would highlight the mistake and they would then have to retrace their steps to rectify it. However, now the error message identifies where they have gone wrong and upon proceeding, will automatically resume in the expected mode. This enables the operator to accomplish more in fewer steps, reassure the operator that the error has been eliminated and reduces the chance of any minor problem causing an escalation to support.



automatic processes

Further automation has been added and NCPerfectPart now has the ability to run multiple operations without user interaction. The software can run a customised list of benchmark processes which allows daily/weekly/monthly checks to be performed. In addition to this, previously the operator would manually select the part on the machine they were working with, whereas now the part program can automatically define which part and optionally serial number is on the machine. For aerospace companies who are producing large runs of the same part automating the processes will help minimise costs due to manual errors and inefficiency. It will ensure that each action is performed identically and greatly increase productivity of the machine and operator.

Interactive process results

Another key update is the ability to review the interactive results of any historic report at anytime. Prior to the update, if an operator wanted to analyse the results of an earlier benchmark or part process, they would access the report and be shown a data table which they would then have to interpret the results. Now the interactive graphics that were shown at the time of the report will load, rather than just the data table. This greatly assists in visualising where any areas of interest are on a large or complex part.

Continuous Product Improvement

As well as all the new 2015 features , we have made many enhancements to our existing features. The software can now support up to 9 calibrated probes, providing the customer greater flexibility when trying to probe difficult to reach areas. During calibration, the speed of the probing can be increased to be up to three times faster than NCPerfectPart 2014 (dependent on machine capability and accuracy requirements), cutting cycle times down dramatically. The speed of all of our processes, ranging from file upload to initial installation, have all been further enhanced to be more streamline.


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