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Achieve industrial consumable savings of 25 to 40% with Invend™

Invend™, the leading industrial vending solution available exclusively through Buck & Hickman, is proven to reduce usage of consumables, tools and PPE by 25 to 40% and has recently been installed at a UK aerospace manufacturing facility.

Atlantic Air Transport, based in Coventry, have installed two carousel and one locker- style Invend™ industrial vending machines for their tools and general maintenance consumables after being impressed by the increased stock control and traceability Invend™ provides. The company specialises in air freighting and has a busy Maintenance Services division meaning easy access to consumables is crucial.

Mark Peers, Director of Vending at Buck & Hickman explains: “From increasing productivity by reducing the amount of time staff take to locate and order consumables, to providing greater visibility over which items are used and by whom, Invend™ provides tangible business benefits including usage and cost reductions. For companies choosing to vend PPE, there are further health and safety benefits – only approved PPE is available on the shop floor, and employees can only access the correct equipment suitable for their role, which creates an audit trail of issued health and safety items.

“There is also no requirement to buy or rent a machine through the Invend™ service, as they are provided and maintained by Buck & Hickman. The only cost to the customer is a modest monthly software and data management fee – through which each Invend™ machine registers restocking needs directly with Buck & Hickman – as well as the cost of items vended.”

Also available with a spiral delivery mechanism, Invend™ can dispense a wide range of industrial consumables, from abrasives and cutting tools to hand tools, and from personal protective equipment (PPE) to lubricants and greases.

For further information on how Invend™ can deliver reduced product consumption, lower inventory costs and improved productivity and to request a sales demonstration visit, please call 0844 736 0004

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