Cutwel, the UK & Ireland’s leading tooling supplier, have launched a new addition to their Rich Mill Indexable milling range. The Rich Mill RM3 system manufactured by Korloy, gives true 90 degree milling and offers perfect perpendicularity performance with ultra‐low cutting resistance.

This latest milling system in the Cutwel range is available now and there are many features which have been specifically designed for it that will improve performance, one of them being the minor cutting edge with wiper action which gives excellent surface finish on the work piece. Perfect perpendicularity is achieved to less than 30 Microns which creates the true 90 degree milling angle which is ideal for shouldering, slotting, ramping, helical cutting & facing.

A special seat design has been developed with a full flat bottom and a 3‐face clamp system to achieve extra strong clamping and increased rigidity. A high (8 degree) rake angle on the insert provides true positive clearance which reduces cutting load by up to 20% compared to similar competitors’ products.

The RM3 series has a wide chip pocket which gives excellent chip evacuation making it ideal for machining materials which are known for swarf issues. This is helped by direct through coolant to the cutting edge, which also ensures longer tool life.

The RM3 system is suitable for a wide range of materials with various grades of inserts available for Steel, Stainless and Cast Iron. There are also 2 types of chipbreaker for the XNKT inserts, one provides a strong cutting edge for general machining while the other has a sharp cutting edge, ideal for difficult to cut materials or lightweight machining centres.

This new system is available now from the Cutwel range so please call 01924 869 662 or order online at

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