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Dormer Pramet’s popular shoulder milling range has been expanded with a new program of cutters, geometries and inserts.

This includes a program of helical cutters for roughing applications. Offering a depth of cut up to 108mm, the cutters are suitable for use with Pramet’s versatile ADMX 16 inserts and support medium machining of most engineering materials including cast iron, stainless steel and aluminium alloys.

The large clearance between the cutting teeth, combined with internal coolant delivery, promotes efficient chip evacuation. The axial clamping of inserts on the end teeth increases milling stability. This creates less noise and vibration which, in turn, also reduces tool wear.

Karel Tiefenbach, indexable milling product manager at Dormer Pramet, said: “The new range of helical cutters offers additional performance and reliability for a variety of operations including shoulder milling, grooving and contouring.

“Our ADMX 16 range is one of our most popular inserts. The creation of a new milling cutter further expands this versatile program. Customers can now use the same insert type for several milling cutters and applications, offering a more efficient and reliable service.” 

As part of the launch, two new positive geometries – MF and MM – have been added for milling stainless steel, super alloys, low carbon steel and non-ferrous materials.

MF is a sharp and highly positive geometry, ideal for light machining and finishing operations.

MM is a universal sharp and highly positive geometry with stabilised cutting edge for finishing and semi-roughing operations.

For use with shoulder milling inserts ADMX11 and ADMX16, as well as the LNGX12 range, the new geometries’ positive rake angle provides low cutting resistance, reduced cutting forces and less power consumption.

Meanwhile, Dormer Pramet has also expanded its range of inserts for economical shoulder milling. New radii and geometries have been added to the LNGU/LNMU16 assortment to provide greater choice. 

A further four radii options are now available offering a range of sizes from 0.8mm to 4.0mm. New geometries include F, M and R for machining stainless steel, steel and cast iron. A highly positive geometry FA is for copper and aluminium.

An overview of all the new indexable ranges launched by Dormer Pramet in November 2015 is available in their latest product brochure. To order a printed copy or for more information contact your local Dormer Pramet sales office.

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