Bids invited under single bid system for Spares of Mirage -2000 Aircraft. Spares should include Sealo O Ring, protectors a Bridge, Harness.

Schedule of requirement

Part number  MBEU27186 -  Bridge, Harness - 100 required

Part number MBEU3307RU - Protector - 150 required

Part number  MBEU70318  - Flat washers - 95 required

Part number 0033052 - Sealo O ring -  1040 required.

Taxes and Duties: In respect of Foreign Bidders: All taxes, duties, levies and charges which are to be paid for the delivery of goods, including advance samples, shall be paid by the parties under the present contract in their respective countries.

Last Date and Time of submission of tender – 07/04/2016, 1130hrs (IST)

Time and date of opening of tender - 07/04/2016, 1145hrs (IST).

Deadline: 06/04/2016


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