NWAA member, material profiling and processing specialist, the P.P. Group has consolidated its individual business units under one brand to provide a more joined-up  approach to serve the aerospace sector.

Rightly proud of the evolution and progress of its QHSE department, as well as the certifications it holds, the P.P. Group has established itself as a leading provider of profiling, processing and manufacturing services.

A year ago, the Group undertook a restructuring exercise to establish itself as a group of consolidated companies rather than a series of individual entities. Historically, the P.P. Group has behaved as individual companies, progressing at different rates, both in performance and more importantly culturally.

The restructuring has also meant altering all forms of its internal and external communications rather than as individual companies. In addition, all advertising, exhibitions and any other marketing communications are now carried out under the group’s over- arching brand.

As part of the internal (operational) restructuring, the P.P. Group now transfers knowledge between its companies by means of job rotation. The objective here is in adopting best working practice across the Group. It has been careful not to assume that any of its companies currently operate in the most effective manner, and instead monitors the progress during the job rotation phase to measure best results.

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