Bodycote Fictional Metals And Alloys

Creative people have long invented metals with mythical or magical qualities. 

Fictional metals have appeared in classical myths, books, films, comics and computer games for many years.

Bodycote has a long history of working with various metals to increase their performance and meet their customers’ requirements. Sometimes, though, in the myriad worlds of fiction, real metals just don’t do what the author needs.

Popular culture has given us an extensive list of metals and alloys with fantastical qualities. In addition to Marvel Comics, whose ‘vibranium’ and ‘adamantium’ are probably some of the best known due to recent cinematic releases, fictional metals have appeared in popular science fiction like Star Trek, Star Wars and Doctor Who, TV shows such as Game of Thrones and the X Files, literature like the Lord of The Rings and video games such as the popular Minecraft franchise.

Explore all these fascinating materials and many more in the Interactive Periodic Table of Fictional Metals.

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