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Within UK engineering, we’re currently in the midst of a skills war. According to Engineering UK, the United Kingdom is going to require over two million engineers over the next five to ten years. This is something that we’re currently not in a position to deliver, with all companies from across the engineering sector fishing from the same pool of talent.

The aerospace industry is aware of the issues, however, are we currently doing enough to address the problem? If we don’t address the issue now, the gap will ultimately widen due to the current aging workforce beginning to retire and leave the talent pool in the sector.

When it comes to addressing the issues associated with the skills shortage, it’s important to understand what the root causes are, and how we can address them:

  • There is a struggle with the perception of engineering at a young age, which is something that needs to be addressed to ensure interest is stemmed when students are selecting careers
  • There is a lack of education with STEM subjects, so something must be done to make these attractive throughout education
  • Within the sector, there is a lack of training for new or junior employees in favour of hiring experienced engineers, which could be rectified by introducing more apprenticeships
  • The rise of the contractor (transient) workforce has been created by demand, however with better planning across the sector as a whole, with tighter collaboration and communication to ensure that the industry isn‘t constantly looking for the same people at exactly the same time, this can be prevented
  • Within engineering, it’s common knowledge that there is an aging workforce, with a lack of succession resource – to rectify this, it’s important to create stronger training and succession plans
  • On the whole, there tends to be poor communication across the industry in terms of planning large projects and understanding the flow of available human resources. In order to prevent this being an issue, it’s vital to understand your own recruitment needs and know whether or not you are getting the most out of your strategy, as this is key to attracting the right talent to enable future success

Fundamentally, there are a lot of changes to make when it comes to training the future workforces of the industry, and these cannot be implemented overnight. Each of the potential solutions comes with its own challenges, one thing that is certain however, is that inaction will guarantee future failure.

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