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Governance, risk and compliance software vendor, Ideagen, has launched the latest version of its flagship quality management product, Q-Pulse.

Q-Pulse 6.2 will align with IATA’s enhanced IOSA program (E-IOSA) which has introduced significant new elements in the IOSA auditing process.

Ideagen has since moved to update its Q-Pulse software to support aviation organisations in their efforts to align with E-IOSA, focussing on the software’s audit management features among other notable enhancements.

Paul Callaghan, Ideagen’s Products Manager for Q-Pulse, said: “The primary goal of this release is to ensure that our aviation customers and prospective customers looking to comply with E-IOSA can do so easily with the support of Q-Pulse.

“Q-Pulse 6.2 aligns with E-IOSA and we have enhanced the audit management features within the product to support an organisation’s efforts in becoming E-IOSA compliant.”

The E-IOSA program, which was made mandatory in September 2015, has enhanced and broadened the original IOSA program to demand the inclusion of information from internal oversight assessments, heightening the scope and value of the audit result. E-IOSA is the result of industry demand for more effective IOSA audit.

To support an organisation’s E-IOSA compliance efforts via Q-Pulse, Ideagen has introduced the ability to:

  • Define and indicate “Auditor Actions” per Question
  • Assign attachments per Question Response
  • Record comment on the selection of an 'N/A'
  • Cater for the import of E-IOSA checklist
  • Provide an E-IOSA Conformance Report (excel spreadsheet extract provided by Tech Services)

As well as an E-IOSA focus, Q-Pulse 6.2 comes with enhanced performance and security functionality as well as an increased emphasis on the harnessing of mobile technology.

Performance improvements include an enhanced security calculation model to quicken the sourcing of records while an extensive review of the software has resulted in the implementation of deeper security features.

Alongside the latest release, Ideagen’s Q-Pulse Reporting mobile app will also now be available on Android with both tablet and phone compatibility. The iOS version of the app – currently only available on iPad – will also be extended to open it up for use on the iPhone.

Paul Callaghan, Ideagen’s Product Manager for Q-Pulse, said: “We are absolutely delighted with this latest release of Q-Pulse which we believe is an exciting one not just for our current customer base but for any organisation seeking support with the requirements of E-IOSA.

“From the core application point of view the release is Aviation/E-IOSA focused; however the improvements to underlying performance and security are of benefit to all – especially the Reporting app on Android and iPhone, which reinforces our ambition on mobile and opens doors for many organisations to use the option of Android devices.”

The enhanced security calculation model will improve performance for users with larger, multi database environments. While the introduction of deeper security changes include:

  • The updating of Q-Pulse hashing
  • Improved user name uniqueness for the Q-Pulse active directory

For more information on Q-Pulse 6.2, or to upgrade your existing Q-Pulse system, contact Ideagen.

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