Providing cutting tools for multiple materials and applications is a key focus for Dormer Pramet.  

This objective is typified by the company’s range of solid carbide end mills, which are suitable for the most popular operations. This includes slotting, side and face milling, ramping and copy milling in a wide range of materials.

Its S8 and S9 assortments, marketed under the Dormer brand, have for many years provided a reliable and competitive milling option for common applications. The ranges include different shank styles, flute options, cut lengths and surface finishes, including bright and coated alternatives.

Both feature a corner chamfer and modified end teeth geometry for multiple applications and materials. 

To support this assortment, Dormer Pramet has recently added more than 40 new solid carbide cutters. This not only increases the range of applications covered to encompass roughing, super finishing and deep milling, but also includes material specific cutters.

A large share of the new assortment comes from the S2 and S7 milling families.

Dormer Pramet’s S7 program further expands the multi-material milling options, while the S2 range extends the support to cover difficult to machine materials.

For example, the S7 cutters bring a differential pitch option, delivering reduced chatter, maximising swarf removal at high feed rates. 

It offers a variety of diameters, in short to extra-long lengths, numerous flute options, a range of coatings, as well as roughing profile and corner radii options.

Dormer Pramet recently expanded this range even further with the introduction of the S713 and S716. These new cutters feature square corners to offer the user one tool capable of both roughing and finishing.

The S2 family includes all the benefits of the S7 range, with the addition of a variety of neck options for deep milling and multi-flute options for improved finishing in high strength steels and difficult to machine materials.

To find out more about the Dormer Pramet range of solid carbide milling cutters please visit or contact your local Dormer Pramet sales office.

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