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After 15 years continuous growth, manufacturing software specialist Forcam has completed a comprehensive re-brand. With a directly employed staff of over 150 at their German HQ and subsidiaries in the UK, USA, China and Poland, the company has over 160 user locations and provides data streaming connectivity for over 60,000 machine tools and processes, enabling manufacturers to significantly boost productivity.

UK managing director, Andrew Steele explained, “We work globally with major international companies such as Daimler, Audi, BorgWarner, GKN Aerospace and Weir Minerals, so the time was right to modernise the company presentation. In addition to new branding symbols, we have a new web site, brochure and a programme to provide more information for current and prospective clients. Improving competitiveness through better productivity is a major business driver in the UK. Our message is that we can deliver first year gains of around 20 per cent or better for most clients and provide them with a system they can use for continuous improvement of their processes.”

Forcam Force is a suite of software tools for factory shop floor connectivity. It enables accurate data streaming for efficient production, gathers information from machines on working status and from operators on progress. This results in a comprehensive real-time view of factory processes – locally, regionally and globally – so any anomalies can be identified and remedied promptly. This ensures better plant utilisation, higher output and improved quality.

A new brochure providing an overview of the system and a gateway to other resources is available by contacting Joanne on 01788 247123.

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