Dormer Pramet PFX Deep Hole Drill Range 2

Dormer Pramet’s PFX range offers the versatility and productivity to meet most deep-hole drilling needs.

Providing a cost-effective option for a wide range of applications, all PFX drills are manufactured from high speed cobalt steel and suitable for use in a variety of materials for drilling depths from 3xD to 25xD.

This includes 3xD stub (A920, A921), 6xD jobber (A900, A901), 10xD long series (A940, A941) and 15xD to 25xD extra length (A976, A977, A978). All feature a straight shank and parabolic flute design for increased chip space and improved evacuation.

This design allows greater hole-depths to be achieved in some cases without the need for pecking.

A thick web increases the structural strength of the drill for greater rigidity and minimizes the risk of tool breakage.  In addition, a special point geometry provides additional benefits including excellent centering - eliminating the requirement for a pilot hole and reducing the cycle time of the application.

Also, it reduces thrust force and power requirements, ensuring accuracy is maintained throughout the depth of the hole.

Available in bright finish across the full range, a Smooth-Flow coating option is available on stub, jobber and long series drills. This AlCrN-top coating reduces friction, increases wear resistance and, in combination with the parabolic flute, eliminates chip packing at greater depths.

To find out more about the Dormer Pramet PFX range or watch the A940 in action visit or contact your local Dormer Pramet sales office.

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