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Aerospace is an industry quite unlike others, demanding quality at every turn. It’s obvious to see why this unrelenting quality is necessary in an industry that works at 30,000 feet, and it’s essential that the industry continues to strive for excellence.

So how do we continue to improve on the quality of parts produced within the aerospace industry? Here at Dean Group, we have developed a process that takes quality and accuracy to the next level – the ELITE process. This process allows for the production of high strength, high integrity aluminium parts with the possibility for thinner wall sections, giving a more reliable part that can be used in any industry.

This is a particularly exciting development within the world of aerospace, an industry that is constantly evolving and looking for new ways to reduce weight and increase strength. By providing a better quality of product, you can provide a better quality of experience and a confidence in reliability which is essential within this industry.

So, what is the ELITE process? What we can tell you is that it is a revolutionary process of producing aluminium parts with superior mechanical properties and excellent and repeatable integrity. While it uses the same ‘lost wax’ principles as investment casting, the rest of the process is kept tightly under wraps. However, you can be assured that we hold quality with the utmost importance, and as such, this process delivers just that.

The benefits of this process include:

  • High quality castings
  • High integrity castings
  • Lightweight castings
  • Thinner wall sections
  • Exceptional accuracy
  • A significant commercial advantage over other forms of high integrity casting

With such beneficial qualities, it’s clear that the ELITE process is the next development in the casting industry that can help to improve and evolve the aerospace industry.

For more information about the ELITE process, please don’t hesitate to contact Dean Group on 0161 775 1633.

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