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Rősler UK are very proud of their apprenticeship programme which started in 2010 to expand the After Sales and Service department administration team. Sam Humphreys, Stefan Umbers, Kieran McDermott, Jake Burke and Calum Callaghan are from the local Knowsley area and were offered specific roles for their apprenticeship. In a world where young people often get a bad press Rősler UK apprentices have invariably demonstrated a maturity beyond their years and an ability to tackle what is thrown at them with a ‘how can we do this attitude’ as opposed to a ‘can we do this’ attitude. Over the last few years Rősler UK have been able to recruit, retain and promote their apprentices and believe that apprentices help grow the business and are the “building blocks” for Rősler UK’s future. 

Because of the success of this Apprenticeship Team, in October of this year Rősler UK nominated the Apprentices for Team of the Year at the Knowsley Business & Regeneration Awards 2016 and after being shortlisted they attended the Awards evening and won the prestigious Team of the Year Award. The Award appropriately reflects how this team of apprentices work together to give Rősler UK customers and prospective customers an exceptional service.

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