Dormer Pramet Tooling Systems Catalogue 3

Dormer Pramet has launched a new Tooling Systems catalogue.

The 350-page publication details the company’s comprehensive range of tool holders, which covers the most popular spindle taper specifications. This includes DIN 69871, MAS 403 BT, DIN 2080, HSK-A, VDI and MORSE.

The easy to follow catalog features simple menus and icons to support navigation and cross reference between different tooling systems, adapters, spare parts and accessories. Also, a technical section includes a wide variety of helpful information, including user operating instructions.

All tooling system items are provided under the Pramet brand.

Hard copies of the catalog, as well as a digital pdf, are available and includes four languages – English, Czech, Russian and Chinese.

For pricing and availability please contact your local Dormer Pramet sales office.

To download a pdf version of the tooling systems catalog visit

Pramet is a product brand within Dormer Pramet. 

Pictured above: Dormer Pramet’s new 350-page tooling systems catalogue 

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