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We recently saw the news that Prime Minister, Theresa May has pledged £2bn to enhance and further science and technology research. Whilst this is exciting news for those in the industry, it is essential that some of that funding be assigned to the aerospace industry if we wish to see growth and advancement.

And that is just what the industry is pitching for as it asks for £50m a year for the Aerospace Technology Institute. This funding would help to ensure that the British aerospace industry continues to be a global leader.

Such funding would allow for the research and development of new processes which will take the industry to further heights, pushing the British sector forward. Processes such as the ELITE process from casting experts, Dean Group, may be the springboard for greater processes which deliver higher quality and integrity – something which is essential in an industry such as the aerospace sector.

It is important for funding to be driven towards the industry, not just for growth within the aerospace sector, but throughout the wider economy. This is particularly true as Britain faces the realities of a post-Brexit country. By developing the aerospace industry, Britain will be able to display that they are committed to maintaining the ties and relationships with other nations, thus strengthening the economy, at home in the UK.

For now, we will have to wait and see how the aerospace industry may benefit from Theresa May’s pledge, but in the meantime, we are certain that technologies and processes will continue to develop and evolve, making way for a brighter future for the sector.

Dean Group work closely with the aerospace industry as casting specialists, providing high quality castings, as well as the new and innovative ELITE process. For more information about Dean Group’s work, contact them on 0161 775 1633.

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