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Dormer Pramet has developed ten new lines of machine taps specifically targeting maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) operations.

Offering a good quality cost-effective option, the new taps will be of particular interest to customers who work with motors, pumps, engines and valves within various industry segments, including automotive, aerospace, oil and gas.

Suitable for use in hand held or portable machines, the versatile taps – developed under the company’s Dormer brand - are manufactured from quality High Speed Steel (HSS) to provide a good level of hardness, toughness and tool life. 

Available in Metric, Metric Fine and BSP thread forms in straight flute, spiral point and spiral flute geometries, this new range delivers a variety of options for both blind and through-hole applications across a wide range of workpiece materials.

The new taps form part of Dormer Pramet’s second product launch of 2016.  

Manufactured to DIN standard, all taps incorporate a bright finish to promote multi-material versatility, with optimized geometry for good chip control.

Johan Bodin, product manager for taps at Dormer Pramet, said: “The toughness of HSS makes this range of taps ideal for applications that are not clamped rigidly. They are also suitable for running at lower speeds on more conventional machines where vibrations may occur.”

The new Dormer range of straight flute taps (E784, E781 and E787) are suitable for threading cast irons up to 1.5xD in blind and through-hole applications.

The Spiral point taps (E785, E782 and E788) are for through hole threading up to 2.5xD and the spiral flute taps (E786, E783 and E789) are for blind hole threading up to 2.5xD. Both are suitable for a variety of materials.

Also, to support the launch Dormer Pramet has developed three new six-piece tap sets in metric threadform, covering the straight flute, spiral point and spiral flute geometries. 

To find out more about all new products launched by Dormer Pramet in November 2016 contact your local sales office.  To download a pdf version of the new Dormer brochure featuring the maintenance, repair and overhaul taps visit

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