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As with the STEM industry as a whole, the future of the aerospace industry rests on the shoulders of each new generation. If the next generation take little interest in a particular field, it can have a hugely negative impact as the industry struggles to grow and becomes desperate for staff.

The aerospace industry is no exception and it is absolutely essential that we continually draw the next generation to the industry if it is to continue to advance.

The University of Nottingham has recently made a bid to encourage students to choose to study aerospace engineering with a £230,000 classroom makeover. This refurbishment shows a great level of commitment from the University to the future of the aerospace industry.

BAE Systems have also shown commitment to introducing the next generation to the aerospace industry after opening a £15.6m training facility in Lancashire at the beginning of December. The academy will act as an epicentre for learning and training for apprentices and graduates.

The industry is clearly committed to raising up a new generation of engineers and experts in aerospace as the training and teaching available to young people evolves and improves. Dean Group, are dedicated to enabling the next generation to find their place within the STEM industry in order to ensure the growth and development of fields such as aerospace.

They believe that informing young minds is essential to the future of the industry. Without the involvement of the next generation, the aerospace industry will fail to grow, evolve and improve.

Dean Group are heavily involved in the aerospace industry and with the development of their ELITE process have had a huge impact on the evolution of the field.

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