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The UK aerospace industry presents a number of unique challenges to those businesses creating parts and products for use in the sector. So, as the industry continues to grow, these companies face bigger challenges continually.

One such challenge is the need for the highest level of quality in the parts produced. Of course, at 36,000 feet, the small parts that make up an aeroplane must be made from the strongest materials and crafted with the highest integrity. However, while these materials must be strong, they must also be lightweight.

This is a challenge often faced by us, here at Dean Group International, as we regularly produce parts for the aerospace industry. So, with these challenges in mind, we created a new process, using the knowledge and experience we had already acquired in the investment casting industry over more than 40 years of business.

This allowed us to evolve and improve processes in order to create parts of a higher quality, integrity and consistency – something which is absolutely essential within the aerospace industry. So, while we continue to improve and update our processes in order to offer the very best to the aerospace industry, we expect to see the same level of progression across the board.

The aerospace industry presents the challenge to constantly better services, products and technologies, and we, for one, are happy and excited to meet these challenges, exceeding the standards that have gone before us.

Dean Group International are a family-owned foundry, specialising in investment casting as well as a number of other services. Their ELITE process is their advanced casting service which provides the standards necessary within the aerospace industry.

For more information about Dean Group’s services and proccesses, contact them on 0161 775 1633.

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