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Dormer Pramet has introduced a brand new Pramet catalogue.

The 2017 indexable publication is the company’s largest in its history, containing more than 1,000 pages of products and machining advice for a wide range of applications.

It is the first regular edition where all Pramet turning, milling and hole-making tools have been presented together in one printed, multi-lingual publication, for numerous countries.  

In total more than 60,000 copies have been produced, in 20 different languages.

As well as including all the latest new products announced over the last three years, significant improvements have been made to support easier use of the catalogue.

To help customers find exactly which product they need in a fast and easy way, various navigators are available. Detailed information to help find the right cutting tool is available directly in the product page, including a set of icons presenting possible tool applications, achievable surface quality and type of cut.

Radek Hudos, marketing and communication manager at Dormer Pramet, said: “This new publication is more than just an update of our older indexable catalogue, which was last published in 2014.

“It is a brand new publication entirely, providing the user with much more detailed information on our products, including advice on choosing the right tool and how to successfully use it.

“We have prioritised the most relevant information to support customers with choosing a product, such as the application area of each insert, grade and suitability for use in specific working conditions. And that is not all. We also include the influences of cutting fluids in continual cut, when to apply cooling and when to avoid it.

The detail on our inserts is, thanks to a brand new page template, absolutely identical across the whole catalog.Also, we have tried to make the most important sections, such as the product pages, as universal as possible by keeping them text free. A lot of text has been replaced with easy to understand icons that can be used across multiple languages.”

For more information regarding the Pramet 2017 catalogue or to request a hard copy, contact your Dormer Pramet sales representative. Alternatively, visit our website to view or download an electronic version.

Meanwhile, a brief online tutorial has been produced to guide users on using the new publication. Visit the Dormer Pramet YouTube channel ( ) for more details.

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