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The annual Southern Manufacturing and Electronics Exhibition 2017 took place from the 21st to the 23rd March at the Farnborough International Venue and Events this year. Attended by a number of industry professionals, this event brought together experts and new technologies in order to give an insight into the future of the industry.

Dean Group International was in attendance to promote their ELITE process, something which is of particular importance to the aerospace industry. The exhibition was an insightful and interesting look into how the industry is progressing and how different manufacturing and electronics companies can work together in order to create something that advances and evolves aerospace, as well as many other industries.

If you were unable to attend this year, we would highly recommend you keep it in mind for 2018 as you can benefit from everything from technical seminars, engineering and electronics solutions and a glimpse of the future of the industry. It truly is a great opportunity to meet other professionals within the sector, and have the chance to network and create relationships with other companies that have similar visions and goals. 

Dean Group International are a Manchester-based investment casting foundry with a number of years of experience in creating precision castings. Their ELITE process is a new development providing high-quality, high integrity aluminium castings to the aerospace and other industry sectors that need premium quality at competitive prices.

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