Electron Beam Processes Ltd are the first UK contractor to receive approval for EB welding from G E Engines. USA, our scope also includes TIG welding and  X-ray.

In 2013 we became, and remain the only UK based specialist to hold similar approvals from SAFRAN/SNECMA.

This opens scope for CFM LEAP as well as well as legacy work from both these major OEMs.

This is in addition to our longstanding approvals from Rolls-Royce UK & Germany for Classified parts, plus ITP, MTU & Honeywell.

For more information please contact either Adrian Pragnell, Business Development Manager, on a.pragnell@ebpglobal.com, +44 1483 215400 or Ian Crook , Head of Engineering on i.crook@ebpglobal.com , +44 1483 215400.


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