Global Aerospace Outlook

The Global Aerospace Outlook has been published by the ADS Aerospace Export Focus Group (AEFG) and The Department for International Trade annually since 2008. It is intended that the Global Aerospace Outlook provides the UK Aerospace Industry with a rich and validated evidence base on which UK Aerospace businesses can plan. To decide whether the Outlook continues and what it contains, its value needs to be measured.

We feel that this document is of great importance in providing our members with:

• An aggregated view of the Global Aerospace and Defence Market (e.g. not just Airbus or Boeing’s view).

• Insight into the status of aircraft programmes and opportunities for new business development.

• An overview of key supply chain companies (essential for UK suppliers to understand which overseas companies to target as customers – rather than just trying to connect with Primes).

• This supply chain view is also highly valuable information for anyone doing inward investment (the UK should be analysing Boeing supply chains to look for North American base suppliers who haven’t yet set up in Europe).

• It makes far more sense for this work to be done once at the National level – and with the appropriate expertise - than to expect 2000 UK aerospace companies to do it separately.

We would appreciate it if you could take a couple of minutes of your time to share your views with us and take part in this survey. This survey serves to capture the value of the publication and any changes that you would value.

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