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Investing in and developing the next generation of Engineers is no doubt a challenge. Deficits in engineering skills and knowledge have been identified by key industry players such as the Institute of Mechanical Engineers; who have recognised that there is and will be a continued skill shortage over the next 10 years in the Manufacturing and Engineering sectors. The reason for this demise is being apportioned to the fact that the UK education system is failing to train enough engineers.

Engineers are the people who hold the key to innovation, progression and ultimately the betterment of the country (both financially and socially) through design and technological advancement. It is plainly clear that there is a need for resources to be committed to the education of a new generation of innovators.

At PI Castings, we appreciate that the necessary resources can be scarce. This is why are proud to have dedicated time to supporting the education system by nurturing a young an aspiring engineer from Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School.

Sam Wooler Pour Sam Wooler Removing Mould From Furnace

Sam Wooler, a GCSE student from the school, came to us a few months ago when his GCSE coursework was in jeopardy due to his school’s casting facilities being incapable of realising his design. Impressed with Sam’s drive, determination and engineering potential, we were more than happy to offer assistance.

We agreed to produce Sam’s casting design and arranged for Sam to visit our foundry so he could observe as our team of experts manufactured his casting. This not only provided Sam with the component that he needed to complete his GCSE course but allowed him to learn about how we manufacture our precision investment castings to the exacting standards expected by the aerospace industry. Whilst at our facilities, Sam learnt about the variety of components that are engineered and manufactured on his doorstep. Sam left PI Castings enlightened to the possibilities that pursuing a career in the engineering sector can hold.

The Manufacturer has reported on how we helped Sam produce the part that he needed for his Design Technology course. You can read the full piece by clicking here!

The whole PI Castings team would like to wish Sam the very best of luck with his upcoming GCSE exams. Hopefully, Sam will be just one of many aspiring engineers that work towards a career in the engineering sector and contribute to strengthening the industry in years to come.

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